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Hearing news stories about changes to benefits? Workers’ rights? Energy suppliers?

If you are concerned about how these stories might affect you and your family, click the links above to see the latest advice on trending topics 

If you are having difficulties with making your Universal Credit claim, then call our national helpline. Interpreters are available.

Help To Claim Helpline:

0800 144 8444

From 6 October 2021, the amount of Universal Credit you’ll get will go down by £86.67 a month. This affects everyone claiming Universal Credit – there aren’t any exceptions.

If you are worried about how you will cope with this drastic drop in income, then follow this link for some useful information:

If you are struggling to get by on your current income, its vital that you are getting what you are entitled to. Use our benefits calculator to check what you could be claiming:

Benefit Calculator:

For issues with your energy provider, call our Consumer Helpline:

0808 223 1133

The UK has been hit with an energy crisis; this has led to the collapse of some energy suppliers. If your energy supplier has stopped trading, don’t worry, you won’t be cut off.

For more information, follow this link:

Energy prices are set to rise by £153 a year, our analysis shows that 28% of households in which someone receives Universal Credit are behind on their energy bill. If you are worried about paying your energy bills, support is available:

The cut to universal credit, coming just days after the end of the furlough scheme along with the rise in energy prices could result in a perfect storm for some Enfield residents. If you are worried about debt, we are here to help.

Debt Helpline:

0800 240 4420

To chat with an advisor online use this link:

Online chat:

For support on how best to budget, use this link to our budgeting tool:

Working out your budget: